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Balwyn High School - 18th June

The Balwyn High School event, some people called one of the strongest zonal events for many years with nearly all top Victorian Juniors participating!

100 players from 20 teams played in the highly competitive and enjoyable event.

Only it the last round did current Australian and Victorian Champions team from Scotch College edge out the Balwyn High School first team to win the tournament.

The top 5 teams has qualified for The State Final.

Team Standings:

1Scotch 123 / 28
2Balwyn High A21.5
3Brighton Grammar 120
4Melbourne High School 119.5
5Ivanhoe Grammar School19
6Melbourne High School 218
7-8Balwyn High B17
 Box Hill College17
9Balwyn High C16.5
10Scotch 215
11McKinnon Secondary College 114
12Scotch 413
13Balwyn High D12.5
14-15Bentleigh Secondary College 211.5
 Hayleybury College11.5
16Scotch 311
17-18;Bentleigh Secondary College 310.5
 McKinnon Secondary College 210.5
19Bentleigh Secondary College 110
20Bentleigh Secondary College 48.5

Best individuals were:

1Jason Tang6.5 / 7Brighton Grammar School
2-6Deniz Tuncer6Ivanhoe Grammar
 Bobby Cheng6Balwyn High A
 Chris Wallis6Balwyn High A
 Zhigen Lin6Scotch 1
 Derek Yu6Scotch 1
7-9Eugene Schon5.5Scotch 1
 Nicholas Liu5.5Scotch 1
 Richard Owen5.5Scotch 1
10-20Yilun Ding5Box Hill College
 Simon Karumbi5Melbourne High School 1
 William Chui5Melbourne High School 1
 Gen Yu Lim5Melbourne High School 1
 Joash Arulprakasam5Melbourne High School 2
 Michael Quim5Melbourne High School 2
 Stephen How5Balwyn High B
 Jonathan Tang5Balwyn High B
 James Huang5Balwyn High C
 Andrew Jin5Brighton Grammar School
 Hao Zhong Gan5Balwyn High A

Warrnambool College - 15th June

Warrnambool College saw 41 players from 8 teams (7 Secondary school teams and one Primary school team).

The top 2 teams qualified for the Secondary Schools Victorian State Final.

SJ Warrnambool PS team has qualified for Primary Schools State Final.

Team Standings:

1Warrnambool College White23 / 28
2Warrnambool College Black20
3Emmanuel College17
4Trinity Colac16
5Kings College14
6Bayview College 113
7Bayview College 210.5
8SJ Warrnambool PS10

Best individuals were:

1Toby Hoi7 / 7Warrnambool College White
2Nick Taylor6Warrnambool College White
3Ben O'Sullivan5.5Warrnambool College Black

Lauriston Girls Chess Cup - 11th June

The Lauriston Chess Cup saw record numbers of 93 girls from 18 teams compete.

The top 5 teams qualified for the State Final.

Team Standings:

1Mount View Primary School24 / 28
2Highvale Primary School21.5
3Mount View Primary School 218.5
4-5Sandringham PS Grade 6 and Lauriston CC18
6-7Lowther Hall 1 and Sandringham 4T16
8-9Loreto 1 and Lauriston Masters15
10-11Highvale Primary School 2 and Sandringham Queens14.5
12-13Lowther Hall 2 and Sandringham Primary School14
14Lauriston Queens13.5
15Sandy Grade 4T11
16Loreto 210.5
17Lauriston Knights10
18Loreto 39.5

Best individuals were:

1Savi Narethran7 / 7Highvale PS 1
2-5May Foo6Mount View Primary School
 Grace Quah6Mount View Primary School
 Bonita Gu-Yang6Mount View Primary School
 Corina Wong6Mount View Primary School
6-7Didi5.5Lauriston CC
 Jessica Djohari5.5Lauriston CC
8Angela Connors5Sandringham PS Grade 6
 Genevieve Paxinos5Sandringham PS Grade 6
 Cass Mangan5Highvale Primary School
 Alisha Manuelpillai5Highvale Primary School
 Shanaja Mendis5Mount View Primary School 2
 Catrina Yao5Mount View Primary School 2

Chess Victoria - 18th May

33 players from 7 teams. The two top teams qualified for the State Final.

Team Standings:

1Sandringham Primary School 5S20 / 27
2Sandringham Primary School Grade 417.5
3St Mary Hampton CC16.5
4Sandringham Primary School Grade 516.5
5St Mary Hampton12.5
6Sandringham Primary School Risisng Stars12
7Stonnigton Primary School6.5

Best individuals were:

1Peter Wallmuller7 / 7St Mary Hampton CC
2Daniel Moss6Sandringham Primary School 5S
3Jack Hine5.5Sandringham Primary School 5S
4Joel Francese5Sandringham Primary School Grade 4
5-9Liam Dalwood4.5Sandringham Primary School Grade 4
 Daniel Raphael4.5Sandringham Primary School Grade 4
 Jessi Tammesild4.5Sandringham Primary School Grade 5
 Ned Wareham4.5Sandringham Primary School Grade 5
 Hamish Cole4.5Sandringham Primary School 5S

Presbyterian Ladies' College - 7th May

18 players from 4 teams.

Team Standings:

1PLC Team 121
2MacRobertson Girls Team 119.5
3MacRobertson Girls Team 214.5
4PLC Team 24

Best individuals were:

1Sally Yu7 / 7PLC Team 1
2Shuya Wang6MacRobertson Girls Team 1
3-5Clover Xu5PLC Team 1
 Keli Chow5MacRobertson Girls Team 1
 Olivia Wan5MacRobertson Girls Team 2

Brighton Grammar Chess Cup - 26th March

88 players across 18 teams, top 4 team qualify for the final.

Best teams were:

1Scotch College25.5 / 28
2Melbourne High 120.5
3Brighton Grammar 119
4Camberwell Boys Grammar School 217
5-8Brighton Grammar 416.5
 Camberwell Boys Grammar 116.5
 Melbourne High School 316.5
 Melbourne High School 216.5
9Scotch College 215.5
10-11Simonds Catholic College 1 14
 Haileybury College 2 14
12Brighton Grammar School 313.5
13-14Brighton Grammar School 512.5
 Simonds Catholic College 212.5
15Haileybury College 112
16Scotch Collge 311.5
17Brighton Grammar School 29
18Haileybury College Girls Team1

Best individuals were:

1-2Eugene Schoen7 / 7Scotch College 1
 Nicholas Liu7Scotch College 1
3Zhigen Lin6.5Scotch College 1
4-5Gavin Wei5.5Melbourne High School 1
 Jack O'Shaughnessy5.5Brighton Grammar School 5

Torquay College - 19th March

55 players from 10 teams.

Team Standings:

1Torquay College 126 / 28
2Torquay College 218
3-4Torquay College 516.5
 Torquay College 316.5

Best individuals were:

1-2Max Dent7 / 7Torquay College 1
 Mathew Dick7Torquay College 1
3-4Richard Dawes6Torquay College 1
 Cody Holman6Torquay College 1

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