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Leonid's News

The New Year started with an amazing chess festival in Adelaide. Amongst many events I would like to draw your attention to the amazing results by the Victorian juniors. Our kids won 8 out of 12 titles! Full results can be seen here and here.

I was very pleased to deliver a master class and a simultaneous exhibition.

In 2024, chess communities around the world will celebrate 100 years of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

This organisation was established in 1924 in Paris and now comprises national chess federations from 201 countries. Many events are planned around the world including Australia.

Also this year, the World Chess Olympiad will take place in September in Budapest (Hungary).

Some new competitions are also planned for our Victorian Schools Championships. We will be organising a series of tournaments in Western Victoria.

Good luck with all your moves!

Best wishes,


Leonid Sandler - International Master, Director Chess Australia Pty Ltd
Last Updated - Saturday 29th June, 2024

King chess piece

King chess piece