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Happy New Year my dear readers and chess players!

The end of last year was very busy with many existing events happening in Victoria!

At the Australasian Masters Invitational Tournament three players achieved the much coveted GM and IM Norms.

Bobby Cheng became Australia's 10th Grandmaster and Karl Zelesco will be awarded International Master title. Congratulations to both Victorians!

At the 2018 Australian Open Championships, excellently organised by Box Hill Chess Club, more than 300 players from more than 20 countries participated which is an Australian all time record!

Our Victorian School Teams won the National Schools Championship titles in all four categories! It has never been done before in the history of these competitions. Bravo!

The New Year promises to be as exciting as the last one, with many events booked for our calendar.

Good luck in all your games!

Leonid Sandler - International Master, Director Chess Australia Pty Ltd

Last Updated - Sunday 6th January, 2019

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