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Dear Chess Friends,

Term 3 has started well! Check our tournaments and results.

A new chess club has also started at Ss Peter and Paul's School, East Doncaster, in their library on a Friday lunchtime.

Every second week during Chess Club, students will be joined by elderly citizens of Manningham for some friendly chess matches. Manningham Council has very kindly donated the use of their community bus to transport the citizens to the school. This multigenerational chess setting will provide students with an opportunity to play with older members of the community in a safe environment.

We salute this excellent initiative. For more details see this link.

If your school would like our help establishing or running a chess club, please contact us.

Please also visit our Facebook page

Leonid Sandler - International Master, Director Chess Australia Pty Ltd

Last Updated - Wednesday 20th September, 2017

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